Reindeer Moss Stabilized Premium Natural White, Weed Moss.
Moss panel - Reindeer weevil Dark green

Moss panel - Reindeer weevil Dark green

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Zielony panel z mchu chrobotka to nowoczesny akcent dekoracyjny, który ożywia wnętrza świeżością natury. Wykorzystując mech, panele tworzą zieloną ścianę, wprowadzając do pomieszczenia unikalny klimat. Odpowiednie do każdego wnętrza, mchy są odporne na warunki wewnętrzne i nie wymagają specjalnej pielęgnacji. Znacznie więcej niż tylko ozdoba, panele z mchu chrobotka poprawiają akustykę pomieszczenia, absorbując dźwięki. Dostępne w różnych kształtach i rozmiarach, pozwalają dostosować aranżację do osobistych preferencji. 

Wysokość: 4-5 cm.

Rodzaj Mchu: Chrobotek Reniferowy.

Przeznaczenie: Dekoracja Ścian, Zielone ściany.

Montaż: Kołki rozporowe.

Color: Light green
Size: 25 cm x 25 cm

moss-panel-3_1.jpgReindeer moss panel

Green walls made of mossy reindeer are not only a current interior design trend, but also an expression of harmony with nature that brings freshness and originality to our homes. Weevil moss panels, which are an innovative way to decorate walls, are an option for those who want to bring a unique atmosphere to their interior.

Eco-friendly decoration made of weed moss

The panel made of weevil moss is not only an aesthetic enhancement of the space, but also an ecological alternative to traditional wall decorations. The weevil mosses that are used to create these panels are plants that are resistant to indoor conditions, which makes their care extremely easy.


Green walls made of weevil moss

The uniqueness of the moss-brush panels also lies in their ability to absorb sound, which contributes to improving the acoustics of the room.

As a result, they not only enliven the aesthetics of the walls, but also contribute to the creation of a friendly and comfortable environment.Using mossy moss panels, you can create fascinating compositions, combining different colors and textures of mosses. This is an excellent option for nature lovers who want to bring its beauty into their home. Weed moss panels can be used in both residential and commercial spaces, adding a unique touch.

Walls made of weed moss

Introduce greenery into your life by opting for mossy bracken panels. This is an innovative solution that will not only decorate your walls, but also bring freshness and harmony with nature to your interior.

Green moss weevil panels are available in 3 colors

Data sheet

Green Walls
4 pcs per m2
Dark green
5-8 cm
Price per m2

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